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      地  址:河北保定市
      電  話:0312-8919611/5858611
      傳  真:0312-3269611
      QQ:2845037226 302892855
      聯系人:林先生 封先生


           保定遠通石化機械有限公司屬軍轉民企業,是一家集科研、設計、生產、銷售、施工于一體的多元化企業,生產范圍涉及石化機械、設備及配件、系列風機、鋼結構、防靜電活動地板及工業體育地坪、電器設備等方面,同時公司還承攬防腐保溫、消防設施、玻璃鋼系列等工程。 產品及工程多次得到用戶高度評價。




      Baoding Yuantong Petrochemical Machinery Co., Ltd, a former military enterprise, is a multiple enterprise combining scientific research, design, production, sale and construction into one body. Production range of petrochemical machinery, equipment and accessories, a series of fans, steel structure, anti - static and industrial sports flooring, electrical equipment, etc., at the same time, the company also contract anti-corrosion insulation, fire facilities, glass steel series and other projects. Product and project has been highly praised by users.facilities, glass fiber reinforced plastic series and other projects.

      The company has perfect management system, strong technical force and advanced detection means. With its products having won IS09001 international quality system certificate, the company has established good cooperative relationship with Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation, Beijing Engineering Company, Planning Institute of CPECC, HQCEC and Northeast China, North China Electric Power Design Institute and Beijing Atomic Energy Research Institute. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other fields with excellent performance and are praised by the customers to be the table quality, full range and trustworthiness.

      Company constantly improve the R & D capability and manufacturing process and actively develop new markets so to provide customers with complete solutions in the areas of design, manufacture, testing, installation, debugging and so forth. The company will develop continuously to fulfill users' demands and pursuits for their full satisfaction.

      The company is sincerely willing to cooperate with you for common development, mutual benefit and win¬win situation,


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